Dip-tech ceramic digital printing

      Ceramic digital printing is a subversive glass printing technology. Inorganic inks with a diameter of less than 2μm are printed on the glass surface using digital printing technology, and then tempered at high temperatures to permanently fuse the color and pattern into the glass surface. Combining the durability of ceramic inks and the artistry of digital printing.

Silk-screen printing

   Glazing has become the most commonly used technique for designers to enhance curtain wall effects and express architectural connotations, with rich colors, flexible and varied pattern designs, and energy-saving functions for shading. The combination of different graphic colors perfectly interprets the culture and emotions of architecture, making numerous commercial building curtain walls landmarks.

Laminted glass
        Laminated glass is a type of advanced safety glass made by sandwich bonding material (PVB/SGP)  film between two or more pieces of glass, through high temperature and high pressure. When glass is damaged by external forces, the glass fragments will not splash and remain in their original state.
LED glass
     LED transparent glass screen with thin, light, transparent, high brightness and other characteristics, does not affect the load-bearing and lighting of the curtain wall, according to the shape of the curtain wall can be customised transparent LED glass screen.

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