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Technology Introduction
Ceramic digital printing is a subversive glass printing technology. Inorganic inks with a diameter of less than 2μm are printed on the glass surface using digital printing technology, and then tempered at high temperatures to permanently fuse the color and pattern into the glass surface. Combining the durability of ceramic inks and the artistry of digital printing, it provides unparalleled and industry-recognized solutions for indoor and outdoor glass applications. Ceramic digital printing helps designers express artistic insights on external walls, curtain walls, windows, partitions, and other glass elements while meeting comprehensive functional and sustainable architectural goals.

Outstanding artistic expression

· Easy to implement - any pattern, design, and unlimited colors.

· Durability and Precision - Ink fused into glass has unparalleled scratch resistance, acid resistance, and UV resistance.

· Realistic image and graphic design with minimal drop precision.

Outstanding performance

·Translucent/opacity            ·Light scattering / Transmittance             ·SHGC                  ·SC

·Security classification         ·Conductivity               

                             ·Slip resistance    ·Bird strike protection

Sustainable Future Architectural Design

Ceramic digital printing glass meets environmental building objectives.

· Digitally printed glass is recyclable and environmentally friendly

· Using this technology can assist in LEED and other environmental certifications

· Free of any heavy metals

· Excellent building material to prevent bird collisions

· Newly designed printed glass is ideal for the renovation of buildings that need to be demolished or rebuilt.

· Over time, if replacement or additional elements are needed, individually replaced glass panels with printing completely match the original panels, eliminating the need for major renovations and costs.

Project application

Exterior wall, curtain wall, doors and Windows, guardrail, canopy, lighting roof, furniture, bathroom, kitchenware, stairs, balcony, swimming pool, shopping center, shopping mall, floor, ceiling, ventilation duct, etc.

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