Silk-screen printing

       We have advanced glass deep processing technology and a design team specializing in glass solutions. We take full responsibility for offering you a wide range of comprehensive glass application solutions, including glass effects, process design, sample production, processing and production, and collaborating on projects.

Techology Introduction
        The colored glazing technique is rich in colors, flexible and diverse in pattern design, and has sunshade and energy-saving functions. Thus, it has become the most commonly used artistic expression technique for designers to enhance the curtain wall effect and express the connotation of the building. Different combinations of graphics and colors perfectly interpret the culture and emotion of the building, making numerous commercial building curtain walls become landmarks.
        Silk-screen printed glass is a product where high-temperature glaze is printed on the glass surface using silk screen printing technology once or multiple times to create the desired patterns and colors. The colored glaze is then fused onto the surface of the glass through tempering, resulting in
acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, colorfastness, and crack resistance. With a lifespan equivalent to the glass itself, this process enhances the practicality and decorative appeal of glass in its usage.

        Colors: Colored glaze glass can be made with semi-transparent or fully opaque effects, with a wide range of vibrant colors that can be matched to most of the colors on the standard color charts (Pantone & RAL). The patterns are diverse and entirely up to the designer's creativity. Apart from full coverage, designs can also be created in three-dimensional, gradient, dotted, checkered, linear patterns, etc., to enhance the overall effect of the building.


Advantages of Jingfeng Color Glaze Process
        We have our own glazed glass design team, cooperating to perfect colored glaze glass design schemes and optimize processing techniques. We
also independently possess technological advantages in film output, screen making, ink color matching, etc. So we can efficiently complete colored
glazed glass design, film output, plate making, color matching, printing, tempering, and finished product production within 8 hours, providing high
-quality sample production services.

Project Application


      In addition to being used as a single piece, Colored glazed glass can also be combined through processes such as laminating, insulating, hot bending, and curving steel. It is applied in various architectural glass curtain walls, canopies, staircases, railings, shop windows, skylights, interior decorative walls, office partitions, bathroom glass, furniture glass, as well as interior decoration in hotels, shopping malls, and other commercial interior spaces.

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