SGP laminted glass
We have advanced glass deep processing technology and a design team specializing in glass solutions. We take full responsibility for offering you a wide range of comprehensive glass application solutions, including glass effects, process design, sample production, processing and production, and collaborating on projects.
      Jingfeng is the only authorized processing enterprise in SGP Northwest China.
      DuPont SentryGlas is a type of safety glass interlayer material, with a hardness 100 times that of traditional interlayer materials and a strength
5 times that of traditional interlayer materials. These characteristics mean that SentryGlas interlayer glass can be used as a structural component
itself, allowing for the construction of large and lightweight glass buildings, more transparent glass curtain walls, unobtrusive glass railings, and
other applications you can think of.

Graphic Display

· 100 times harder than traditional materials

· 5 times the tear resistance of traditional materials

· Yellowing index below 1.5

· No defects in natural weathering tests

· Stable transparency, good compatibility with structural adhesives

· High-strength bonding capability with metal

Advantages of DuPont SentryGlass application

- High strength and reduced total glass thickness

- Excellent post-breakage safety

- Combining with ultra-clear glass for a more transparent visual effect

- Durability and quality assurance

- Suitable for open edge design

- Innovative structural glass design

PVB laminted glass

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